BGMC 25: Micro World

The Plan

  • The Theme is Micro World
  • Build a game between the 11th August and 20th August - for more details, see the timeline below
  • Publish the game in the Finished Games forum being sure to include [BGMC25] in the title


  • Friday 11th August:: Planning day. Don’t start building your game. This is a day that you should spend planning your game - do concept art, drag diagrams. But
  • Saturday 12th August: Start. Tthe first development day. Go at it.
  • Saturday 19th August: End. The final development day. Submissions close at midnight (approx)
  • Sunday 20th August: Bugfix day. On this day you may not add new features, but are allowed to make fixes to ensure it runs on other peoples computers.
  • Monday 21st August: All games pack and voting thread will be created.


  • You must use UPBGE 0.1.8 or BGE 2.78c. Other blender versions will not necessarily be accepted.
  • All the games source files must be released. When the game is packed into the all games pack, it will be packed as a blend file
  • Your game must be under 40Mb in size.
  • Your game must include the BGMC phone somewhere (Download: bgmcphone.blend (484 KB)). It may be modified but should be recognisable.
  • The winner hosts the next contest
  • The winner will be decided by community vote here on BA

Timers (Coming Soon):

Oh damn, it is the 25th jubilee of the BGMC !! And i really feel the urge to participate, an feeling very hard to resists, but i think have to. Because i am still trying to make an older entry into a full game (And i really want to get it done during this year). So i think that i need the time that would be put into the competition therefore. Unless i have an good idea for something very simple that could be done in a really short amount of time (HaHA, already thought that about the last one, which i am already developing for over an year).

So i wish you all a micro universe full of fun! (And remember: Even if the universe may be only a small one, it may be still infinite??)

You have one week ;).

(Maybe it gets your mind free with fresh energy on you other project)

Go, Go, Go…
You can now plan your game. Draw concept art, create a thread for it, write a GDD etc.

Doing it! Screw all the improving my room physical condition stuff and school preperations. I must finally get back into community!!! :smiley:

Let’s find my paper and draw some sketches!!!

Everything is packed but my computer. Moving on the 17th. I’m gonna go ahead and start today, if that’s ok and turn it in like 2 days early. XD

Start developing you game. Go, Go, Go

:smiley: And I just got a week off from work! : D Perfect!

So far we have seven entries in the WIP thread. There’s still time to make a game…

Hi, I really wanted to make a great game, but I didn’t have any time this week, so I made a terrible one and posted it in the finished games forum. Good luck to everyone, as always I’m excited just to take part. :slight_smile: