[BGMC 25] Spore Wars

Hello Blenderheads

This time Monster is joining the party.

The idea is based of the quite old game Rampart, but transformed into a micro world (the topic).

Basically you build a wall around an area, where your bacteria can life. They need to have contact to a feeding fluid to survive a longer time. So you the walls area inside the walls is filled by that fluid. The food comes from a food core that already exist on the field.

Inside the fluid the bacteria can create large slingshots that allow to shoot spores to another field. If there are no other bacteria present the spores can build a new colony.

When there is already a colony the spores explode onto the walls of that colony, letting the fluid float away.

You can read about the game idea and the development at github: SporeWars

Hopefully I can finish the project. There is quite a lot to do.


Yes! :smiley:
Really creative take on that concept! I’m not sure if I’ve played Rampart, but I remember playing something like it. Can’t wait to test it out!

it does sound like a lot of work…good luck old man.

Nice idea. I thought about a bacteria style game myself, using “game of life” type simulation.

Oh, interesting. Looking forward to any fluid effects you may implement and the general gameplay. Good luck!

I can already see that it is not possible for me to finish the game in time :(. Lets see how far it comes.

Still curious what you come up with, good luck in any case.

Take time to finish it after the contest too, if you can :slight_smile:

I will go and continue on that. Until now I had a huge time problem (I had to spend my time one other things). Finally this will give me the freedom to add some things that are floating though my mind.

Well, you do not owe it to anyone to do anything…so long as you are able to enjoy what you are doing is the important thing.