BGMC 26 Final Vote

(Nicholas_A) #1

Congratulations to the devs who got in on this final vote. One of you will get 1st place.
The top 5 voted games are in this poll. Vote for your single favorite one.

Link to the All Games Pack:…All-Games-Pack

Base512 - vincius
Skies Over Titan - Shogun Lloyd
Nuclear Pancake - Thatimster
Zu And The Lost Chambers - APilch

Here are the prizes the winners will be awarded:

  • 1st place: BPainter license ($40) + custom 3D logo
  • 2nd place: $5 + custom 3D logo
  • 3rd place: custom 3D logo
I'm offering the logos, but if you don't need one, that's fine :P

Unfortunately, we did have a cheater this time around, so despite being tied in first place in the preliminary vote, they will not be in this one.

This poll will last a week. Good luck :slight_smile:
Self-Votes will be discounted. As well as bot-votes.

Once the poll closes, this will conclude BGMC 26 - Sci-Fi.

(Saddy Panda) #2


(JustinBarrett) #3

had to vote for E.S.S.E.P again…I liked a lot of the concepts and visuals from the other games, but this one seems to me to be the most complete game.

(APilch) #4

Good luck everyone! Thanks @Nicholas_A for hosting!

(Nicholas_A) #5

Poll closes tomorrow! Please vote if you haven’t.

(Nicholas_A) #6

Congrats to Shogun Lloyd for winning!

(CG Sky) #7

Woohoo! Congrats @Shogun!!!

(Shogun Lloyd) #8

Thanks for the votes everyone! And thanks for playing my game, it was fun playing all of yours too.

(Thatimster) #9

Congrats! Really well polished game and fun to play :smiley: