BGMC 26 Game Voting

Link to the All Games Pack:

Play the games and decide your 3 favorites.

Vote for your 3 favorite games. There will probably be a tie, so I will make another voting thread once this one is concluded, so you can vote for your single favorite game.

Self-votes will be discounted.

ummmm, I only go one vote? instead of 3 :confused:

I have the same problem…did not think anything of it until I saw that others had made multiple selections…while the game I voted for is in the lead it does not affect me, but I am concerned that other games may be getting more votes.

it’s a tough decision, they’re all pretty good games.

Yay, nice to see that every game has got at least one vote. It seems like a lot of people have played the games already. Proofs that BGMC is a very popular thing today :slight_smile:

I feel like there has been quite a few new people coming in over the last month…this is good for everyone.

Funny, how most accounts have been made recently. -_-

yeah something smells fishy about fate of the bge…

you look at all other entries, and the top entries were all voted for by regulars here
(and not the author of the damn game)

why would one upvote their own game man?

Fate of BGE has most of its votes from new users joining and voting on the 26th or 27th of November.
They all vote for just this game and none of the others even though the voting asks for top 3 games.
I highly doubt they have played the other games at all.
These votes are likely fake accounts or family/friends that created an account just to vote for this entry.

Either-way seems very suspicious. If this game has the most votes I would very much challenge the fact that it should win BGMC 26.

I think if the votes are from people who hhae never posted in the forums, they shouldn’t count as well as self votes. People have to understand that these contests aren’t about winning but about taking part. Everyone who creates a game in these jams is a winner, because they gain a lot of experience by finishing a game.

I second that. It seems that if you look at the users who voted for FATE OF THE BGE by Dark Power, you will notice some 1, similar name styles and 2, unfamiliar users and 3, most of the users’ accounts were created within the week of the voting thread, with the exception of 3.

Because of this, I will have to discount all but 10 votes from that game, leaving it at only 1 vote. It seems we have found a cheater.

Other games with discounted votes:

ISHB Sci-Fi - unbreker-----1 vote-----reason: voter’s account was created during voting week, has no posts/threads
Planet Jumper - theoldguy-----1 vote-----reason: voter’s account was created during voting week, has no posts/threads
Solar Sailing Simulator - sdfgeoff-----1 vote-----reason: voter’s account was created during voting week, has no posts/threads
Prototype - WKnight02-----1 vote-----reason: self vote
FATE OF THE BGE - Dark Power-----10 votes-----reason: several fake accounts created to vote and self voting
ELON’s SUPER SERIOUS ESCAPE PLAN - Oby1+CGSky-----1 vote-----reason: self vote

I will just point out that the votes for Solar Sailing Simulator and Planet Jumper were done by Niber Neelim, who also voted for Fate of the BGE. Similarly the vote for ISHB was also shared with Fate of BGE. At the time when the votes were made, they would have been the three lowest scoring games on one point each.
So while I agrree those votes must not be counted, I think it should be clear that neither theoldguy, unbreker, nor myself were responsible for them.

I also think that self-votes should be more clearly defined in future BGMC’s as people have differing opinions of them. But in this case Nicholas_A has made his decision already.

What a pity that even with such low prizes, unsportsman behaviour still occurs. Good job to those who spotted it, and good luck to Nicholas_A as he handles it. (One possible option would be to switch to judging - but that’s your call).

I will run a final vote with the top 4 voted games.

yeah, for some reason the voting this round seems really off…with the aforementioned ‘quasi bots’(fake or new accounts) and self voting…plus the fact that some of us only were able to cast one vote…I fear this may be getting out of hand…

in the future, maybe voters should have at least 20-50 posts under their belt???

I guess you meant 20+, otherwise guys like me would be out of the vote :smiley:

I agree. I wish the poll system of theese forums would have more options like “allow to select only x vote entries or allow to select no more than x vote entries or allow to select x to y vote series” or “allow only people with 5+ posts to vote”, also “prevent person from voting for certain subject (e.g. voting for own game)” etc. Would be really advanced and end up making the voting system well arranged.

Anyways, I’m glad to see my game received 5 votes. Thank you guys for playing and enjoying it :slight_smile:

no, I meant what I said “at LEAST” 20-50 :slight_smile: so at a minimum.

Well, my bad for the self vote, I think in total I voted for 4 games, because once I saw the thread appear I opened it, voted right on, and then read the posts lol

I just was in a hurry for some reason, my bad again.

Also yeah, I thought that I could vote for my own game because well, I was proud of what I had done never the less.

Next time I will read before voting lol

Also, how was Dark Power able to create as many accounts ? Don’t you need valid email addresses for each BA account ?

Probably asked his/her friends to vote. But the bgmc community is so small that even 2 votes can tip the balance. Either impose restrictions or bring back jud-- tape gets jammed

Honestly I’d self-vote if I thought mine was the best. But usually it wasn’t %|

Actually I don’t see much of a problem in self voting if you think your game deserves a good position. For some of my own games I’ve actually wanted to self vote, while for others I would never ever vote. So… If you can self-vote, you can better express your opinion about the games.