Bgmc 26: Guns guns guns!

Day 1 progress. Lots of the basic movement for the player is done.
Next I’ll be working on making the guns work.

It’s going to be a basic run and gun first person shooter. Hopefully it’ll be fund.

Here’s the schedule:
day 1: basic player movement.
day 2: guns shooting.
day 3: AI character movement.
day 4: AI character behavior.
day 5 and onwards: Level design…

Extra time: Enemy models, advanced tile sets, more enemies, more guns.

you forgot more, more guns :slight_smile: Good luck, I assume this is a shooter?..but can you tell me more 3rd person, FPS etc?..when you get the time…I’m sure you are busy atm.

Yes. It’s going to be a simple first person shooter with quake style old school graphics.

Good work!

And the guns:

Looks great so far! I’m excited to play!

Looks awesome!

Will the gun mechanics vary much beyond cosmetic differences?

Looks cool! I wish you luck with getting a playable level done. I like the gun models a lot, cool style.

I am really ‘digging’ those guns…I know you are busy… but I am waiting to see more.

The guns have different mechanics.
I worked on making the level textures today, It seems time goes so quickly. :frowning:
Well, I’ll keep going.
These days I have lots of time saving techniques, like making a function which can add camera shake, but can also be used to simulate recoil and display damage and so on. Instead of hard coding everything, this kind of code allows me to just say:


and it’ll take care of everything else.

nice work i like those gats, play on brother!..

Well, initially progress was fast since I was trying to keep the game simple. But I ran in to the usual problems with a physics based game, getting stuck on the scenery, random drifting, jumping through walls and I remembered why I moved away from using the physics engine.

I don’t think I’m going to continue with this one. Only a couple of days left and I spent too long today trying and failing to fix physics bugs.

Good luck to everyone who enters! :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that, but I understand…I avoid the physics myself…I’m no sorcerer.

just use applyForce and applyTorque

also a neat trick, is to use rays to float above surfaces

ps- if you intend on shoving something hard, best use homade CCD / raycasts etc

rayEnd = player.worldPosition+player.worldLinearVelocity*multi