BGMC 26 - Liberty


My idea for this BGMC, with the theme sci-fi, is a space game, where you are a small spaceship and and have to escort a larger spaceship, the Liberty, back to Earth (I am not sure if this is the definite location, might be somewhere else instead of Earth).

There will be other ships coming, acting like drones most of them that smash into you or the Liberty, but once in a while there might be a boss ship that can launch missiles by itself. In both cases you will have to shoot the missiles down.

Your mission is simple: PROTECT THE LIBERTY AT ALL COSTS

I am not sure if I will be able to complete the game, but I hope I will manage to get something playable. I might also work on the story, make it a bit more exciting. Already a few thing s come to mind…

Sounds like a fun idea…can’t wait to see how this progresses!

this sounds good! i want to play already!

Nice, if you work well in the playability I’m sure you’ll get amazing results in this style of game, the last BGMC games lacks a lot in this (basic) feature.

I’m just wondering, it seems that the common sense of ‘sci-fi’ is about space, aliens and such, according to the current BGMC threads. Mine will be about mutated worms due to fertilizers researchs, which is not too far from the current reality, but it’s sci-fi too. I hope there will be more variety in themes to make the contest even richer.

Have a good work and luck in the project. :wink:

Great, i cant wait to get more inspired and eventually help if i can to improve this game, im talking after BGMC !!!

Otherwise all the best take care and i hope it all goes well, BTW stay motivated and work to make it happen indeed its a nice genre keep up the good planning.


A little update: Here are the Liberty (left) and the Defender (right). Any thoughts are appreciated.

As you can see, it is a 2D game. I chose this style simply to be able to focus more on gameplay rather than graphics.

Wow a Great 2D Game can have the state of thee art mechanics and systems !!!
Keep it up bro can’t wait to see more bro !!!


I like the graphics style. Clear and simple.

Yes, 100% agree here…simple crisp graphics still do a game great justice. This is especially important if you are working on a short timeline and from scratch!