BGMC 26 | Nuclear Pancake

Not sure how much time i’ll have this BGMC but thought it might be fun to throw a small physics based game together.
Haven’t dealt much with constraints in a game, so this should be fun to learn.

Best of luck to everyone else :slight_smile:

Sounds good.
Last time there weren’t many finished games so any extra submissions would be great.

Yeah, would definitely like to see more submissions this time round!

Decided to challenge myself by not animating anything and running all movements through python instead. Should be fun, frustrating or both :smiley:

These days I mostly use empties as start/end positions and lerp between them with python. It means I can move one of the empties and the animation adapts.

Yeah that’s basically what I’m doing, and just using vectors between target locations to figure out speed.

public service announcement: make use of add alpha!

Individual Response: Add alpha works better if you ensure there is a tiny bit of all three channels (a little R and B would make it “brighter” in the middle).

There already seems to be a bit of R there, since it gets slightly yellowish in the middle.

I don’t think so, I have had the same effect using straight green.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with timster.

Yes of course :slight_smile: I’m using a simple black and white texture as a mask and multiplying it with the diffuse color to give me a custom add alpha effect (so I can change the color whenever I want without needing a new texture)

Yep, I’m just using a yellowy-green color at the moment to give the classic ‘radio active’ cartoon look.

Game done :slight_smile:

Download (exe): Google Drive
Will upload raw .blend when the competition ends.



Looks awesome! You’ve got my vote! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to admit…I am thinking ‘WTF?’ but damn I love the title.

Thanks, I’m curious to see what other games show up :smiley:

I’m also unsure if uranium is meant to be that flexible haha

add explosion and camera wobble and a fade to white at the bud end if you pile up on the floor, not to be taken as criticism though it would break up the monotony just when people see nuclear they think BIG bang! lol and every game must be kind of story driven or at least dramatic or climatic in my opinion, i hope you understand what i’m getting at :wink: great work in any case, definitely a strong contender.

I think that would be a bit over-kill, along with the fact that uranium doesn’t spontaneously cause a nuclear explosion. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will admit that the game is a bit ‘slow’, this could be to scale or perhaps how many different pieces you have to land in each bucket.
Again I was more going for a fairly low effort, simple ‘mobile’ style game that you can pickup and play anytime without having to invest much into the context.

Story based games tend to be repetitive and have little replay value (especially made over such a short time frame).

Thanks for the suggestions though :slight_smile:

really cool. how about a mouse running around on the ground or a bird flying through the room like the ufo in space invaders and you get extrapoints for hitting them?