BGMC 26 | Nuclear Pancake

Blender version used: UPBGE 0.2.2, using standard blender does not work well with colors or world background gradient.

blend file (UPBGE 0.2.2):
Packaged executable:

WIP thread:

Aaaaaw I failed on the second bucket…

Although it really felt like power was missing out, I was doing the exact same thing, and oddly enough the pancake was not thrown as fast as at the beginning, does the material get more massive with time ?

Anyway this really look like a game, a bit slow but challenging, for sure ! lol

Nice one !

Hilarious, nice ambient music, basic, raw, but nice design. Very addictive gameplay design. Smooth gameplay. Smooth pancake physics. To be honest, there is not much bad to say about it. Of course, the visuals could have been slightly better. Also, there could have been some more variation (e.g. moving targets). Also, the ending screens lacked diversity. I’d have made a different ending screen for each type of target bowl reached.
Otherwise it was just amazing game, loved it. Wish you luck :wink:

Hahahahhahahahahahaha. Uranium totally bends like that. This is my sense of humour.
My only “improvement” would be to make the toss a little more deterministic. It seems like the force from throwing the uranium is a little random - probably because physics with moving static objects is not ideal. Other than that, this is an awesome little game.

Whoops, looks like I forgot to reply to the feedback. Thanks for all the comments :slight_smile:

Yeah there was a few issues with the amount of force of the pancake being thrown. Potentially could have been fixed if I hard coded it instead of relying on an animation for the flipping. I agree with the slow part, the only reason for this is that there is only ever 1 active ‘uranium pancake’ (once it lands and times out it is replaced with a static version). But perhaps next time I can have 2 circulating pancakes or something to make it more fun!

Thanks for the feedback! I agree, there is still many other things I could have done to make this more fun and engaging, most of the people I play tested with said it was too boring and slow waiting for the next pancake. Perhaps something like checkpoints could have made it more fun as well.

Glad you liked it haha :slight_smile: I think hard coding the pan movement instead of a flimsy flipper animation would have been a much better idea, didn’t really notice the issue until after the competition ended.