[BGMC 26] Prototype

Hi everyone,

I finished really short on time, but here is my attempt for the BGMC 26 !

The base concept is that you are a Byte missing some Bits of information, your goal is to collect them back !

WASD or ZQSD are supported.
E or F or Left-Clic to interact.
Left-Shift to “sprint”.
Space to jump.

BGMC26 Prototype.zip (2.5 MB)

(you must aim with your head, the arm thingy is your pointer, it follows your head’s line of sight)

Disclaimer: The level is a bit short, but I was lacking inspiration lol

Edit: I wish I would have spent my time entirely on this mini game, but got other problems to attend to… So: ¯_(ツ)_/¯


So, I kept on going, because the game was lacking levels, forcing me to rule out the process of switching levels within BGEz.

I’m happy to say that BGEz can load and free blend files on the go as needed, even asynchronously, so that’s really cool.

I uploaded the project on GitLab to push the changes I made and will keep adding:

Right now the only thing that is lacking are more levels. But for some reason I’m lacking creativity…
I’ll see what I can come up with maybe later, as I’ve been principaly working on the framework, more than on the game (although any work done on the framework can extends the possibilites of the game, so its not so bad).

This was actually a lot of fun! Simple gameplay, simple concept. The dark minimalist stage left me a bit confused as to where to go after the third bit though.

You have no idea how fast I rushed the stage… My bad.

But I’m happy to see that you liked it ! I lost most of my time trying to make the gameplay feels as smooth as possible, being almost entirely force driven using a pivot constraint for the sphere and torque forces :slight_smile:

I guess if I had spent way more time on the levels it would have been even funnier !

One thing i would say is that i found the game interesting to understand.
;D (A Funny Free roam type of BGame !!!)
The Gameplay felt unique and creativity was expressed quite nicely , one of the things i didin’t like that much was the Game’s Dark tone of the setting i felt a much more lighter tone would be required to really indulge the audience or players for that matter.

Its a Nice Game particularly doing so well on the mechanic side of things the physics are really realistic and realtime “60” FPS which shows the game’s best form of optimisation.
One thing i think can be improved on is Graphics , Setting/World Design ,Story or mission to follow !!!

I would rate this a 5.6 Because of good coding and structuring of your game Mechanics.
This is a huge advantage for any other future project or other titles being made in BGE.

Otherwise Nice Game WKnight02


Thanks Fred/K.S !

The visual art style is totally intended, for a cyber/dark atmosphere. (I love contrasts)

Now it sure lacks details in the level, that’s for sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, you don’t need to worry about it, when you make a game in a week it’s ALL rushed. But I need to sit down and pick it apart a bit, I like the idea of Bgez, I’ve picked up some habits from coding games straight with python that make certain aspects of bge api a bit tedious, and perhaps your project is the answer.

Truly indeed it is i like BGEz !!!
it seems more reliable.

WKnight02 really brought a more neat and organised system.


Really glad to hear about your interest :slight_smile:

If you got through the sources even a bit quick and something bothered you, really feel free to ask about anything.

I would also encourage you to change some of the sources to see for yourself what would happen :slight_smile:

The game has very minimal look. It’s kinda nice, but I’d have preferred a bit more light, a bit more detail.
I really like the spinning ball underneath player thing. Makes the character control feel real, smooth, physical. I don’t know what exactly, but there was something that felt very good about the controls.
What I lacked was any instructions. Also, there was not much to do. A bit more content wouldn’t hurt.
Anyways, it was a nice “prototype”, hope you manage to make complete game next BGMC, good luck! :slight_smile:

Wow, I had more fun looking through your code. So that’s C run by Python? It takes blender to a whole new level. Awesome.

Hmm. Neato. Smooth gameplay experience though I couldn’t make the jump to get to the second half of the level. I’m not sure why, but I just couldn’t quite get far enough. (So I got three of the bits, but couldn’t get to the top to get the fourth).
Could have done with a bit more light, and maybe a bit clearer distinction between the edge of the world and the level (both are about the same grey).

I’m really feeling like something is wrong with the luminosity… I can’t even take a screenshot because this must be because of my screen settings…

Is it really this dark on your ends ?

On my screen although I’m using a rather dark palette, only to put an emphasis on the brigther elements, I can clearly see the world…

Shitty picture, but at least the color setting is clear:

@sdfgeoff: if its before the white bridge, have you tried building a bit of momentum on a ramp ? :slight_smile:

It is pure Python, for now.

It is just a lot of mechanisms that I implemented in order to “elevate the API” to something more abstract, and hopefully a bit more powerful (I’ve seen improvements of 5x speed over standard logic projects, just by going full Python and avoiding bricks).

The most important trick is to carefully manage your data structures, which I’m trying to do implicitly with the framework I’m developing and using. Just in case: https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?439287-BGEz-Full-Python-game-projects

Nice game! I’m awful at it, but it’s good!

It just seems more solid, dependable, and smooth. Yeah it was dark on my PC also. I think you’re on to something here.

Updated main post.

Basically, I kept working on the features I needed to continue the game, and put it online on GitLab:

If you have ideas / critics I would be happy to hear them.

Also looking for a decent sound for when the “wheel” would roll, like some kind of force field sound, or maybe even some heavy ball sound rolling, I would like it to have a rather deep sound, but I’m unable to find what I would like :confused: