BGMC 26: Proxima - B Colony

Developer: MotorJogos
Engine: UPBGE
Name: Proxima - B Colony
Genre: Sci fi - War
Style: TPS and FPS
History: Driven to discover life outside Earth, an exploratory mission is sent to the nearest exoplanet.

  • Creation of Models
  • Mechanical
  • Improvement of mechanics
  • Special effects
  • Menus
  • Cutcenes (Maybe)

Nice! Good work and luck on your project. By the way, what will be exactly the game style (FPS, TPS, strategy)?

(Vou competir com um compatriota, boa sorte pra nós dois no concurso. :wink: )

Thanks Joel, good luck to us! (Que pelo menos um brasileiro vença)

First Day: 60% models finalized!

Second Day: Models 100% Finished, now begin the mechanic!