BGMC 26 -Robo Elon's Big Adventure

This is going to be a simple platformer with a Robo - Elon Musk as the lead Character.

Basic story: -Elon is inane and insists on bringing humans to Mars, with added style and LensFlares.

Levels (+/-3)
Stage1 -Robo Elon is held captive by NASA and he needs to escape in style with a Rocket.
Stage2 -Robo Elon flies his Magical Rocket steering through Space, avoiding LensFlared Robo Unicorns (yes, lens-flared Robo Unicorns)
Stage3 -Robo Elon Lost his Pet Rover on Mars and needs to overcome the harsh platforming environment to rescue his pet, Rover.

Graphics is a clash of 2D and 3D.

-Its meant to be a parody-

:3 -I’ll keep you updated

Sounds neat!
I’d recommend getting the mechanics polished and really smooth before implementing all the stages.

The thing OBY1 forgot to mention, is that this project is a team effort, including me.

The last 2 days I managed to get a bit of work done on the mechanics and some enemy AI.
Here is a short WIP video of the tutorial, with some temporary sound effects.

Nice :slight_smile: I like it !

Trying to make this game Speedrun-friendly, by adding a timer to each level. Assets are slowly coming in, soon we can start designing levels.

it’s good looks very fresh also quite stylized but you could break the monotony by having an huge monster arm rip threw the paper wall and try to grab you sometimes… :wink:

Looking nice so far. Looking forward to see some more interaction elements.

The game is almost done. Here is a little sneak peak of whats to come:

It has been finished!

The game is now complete and ready to be downloaded and played here:
Have fun! And don´t forget to give us feedback!