BGMC 26: Shooter

So after spending 3days trying to figure out what to do, this is my result of some very long nights.

wasd movement, lmb to shoot, rmb to aim, r to reload.
sorry theres no menu or anything but there wasn’t enough time for that

Great game siege…well done shooter.

thx, I dropped a ton of time into it the last 4 days. I just wish I could’ve had enough time to do some enemies

Okay wow not bad for a Si-Fi shooter its really really nice to play !!!
Nice Awesome work on the UI and the effects !!!
LOL The Shooting was quite enjoyable though only 1 level to play it would have been quite fun if you added like levels to this kind of game !!!
And also the Aiming is a problem because its the same thing as shooting without aiming !!!
Aiming is to get a more precise shot on a particular target You Could have modified the animation for aiming and add abit of a more refined camera angle to the aiming of the character !!!

1 Big problem is that it feels too much like COD 2 or Battlefield 1942 Mechanics which is not bad its Close to AAA level you could have added some sprinting to the character and at least a space night sky dome to the level to give it a more 70% Si-Fi feel.

Gun sounds are basic but nice when playing too much shooting gives me a headache LoL srry bro but it just does ,i like this game alot infact iam a BGE Games fan i like games made on BGE !!!

(Never forget a shooter game needs camera shake for more realism)

The shooting effect flashes on screen when shooting which can be a little annoying if playing for too long !!!
Overally Nice and Awesome work my bro and keep it up i would give this game a 6.6 out of 10.


I can agree with u on all that, and might put some more work into and release a better 1 in a few weeks. I was slammed trying to get this done though, I didn’t start till the after 3 days cause I couldn’t figure out what to make, and stayed up till 4am the last 4 nights trying to finish it out

I like the visuals. It looks very nice, especially the HUD. Also, the animations of gun and HUD are nice, smooth - love them. There are sounds, that’s good. Sounds are ok. THe game lacks any point, tho. It feels like a very great prototype for a decent game. I actually suggest you to work a game with some story and meaning out of this. I feel like it’s worth it.
Good luck with the BGMC!:slight_smile:

thx, I would drop some more work into this game to perfect it, but im actually working on another one right now.
I tried to get a story for this game but ran out of time lol

I couldn’t find too much wrong with this game. Nice graphics. I like a little mindless shooting :slight_smile: simple, not too hard. I had no problem aiming, yeah a lock on would have been nice, but it’s OK the way it is. Great job.

The game have a nice feel, like its from a big studio. :slight_smile: Only that theres not much to do… I noticed, that you used modifiers too. Ive made a little comparison of upbge 022 vs bf bge, img: (upbge runs on vbo+vao, for bf bge vbo too. and vsync off)