BGMC 27 - Blaster Kid

progress today

asset used = mouse Generator from simpleMouse

75% of 3rd person player controller coding

Cool that someone else is taking part.
I’ve got half a game already but haven’t had time to post a wip.
Good luck!

Cool! can’t wait to see your game :smiley:

good luck!

Update - Character Physics / Procedural Kinematics controller and weapon system done!

Next up = Some more style :smiley:

Now he looks a bit too much like robocop :smiley:

midnight oil

and about 1pm on day 3

Looks really great already. What’s the gameplay going to be about?
You could have a kind of puzzle, putting things in boxes or on top of pillars to open gates or extend drawbridges.


just finished up ragdoll for player, and recycling system, and my first breakable crate.

all that remains is a bad guy, bad guy spawner, and the 3d printer to create new weapons, and a small map, and fill the crates / maybe make a exploding barrel type as well.

(I have a plan for gameplay :D)

Update (there is more but no time to record a video)

Looks great :]


Just finishing up on gameplay and maybe a bit of polish in a minute

Really Great Progress buddy please keep up the great work :smiley:
But really awesome Mechanics …


Made in UPBGE 2.1*

quick first draft - I will improve if I get time tonight before midnight

WASD = move
Mouse = aim
Right mouse = aim arm
Right mouse + aim at item + left mouse = interact

1 = swap to slot
q = drop
Right mouse = Aim
Left mouse + right mouse = fire

todos - game over screen + top score system + general polishing of controls / sensitivities / weapons
[shotgun? homing rocket launcher? health pack?]


BlasterKid_Last_day.blend (9.84 MB)

Anyone have any feedback?