BGMC 27 | BlasterKid


WASD = move
Space = jump

RM = aim

highlighted objects can be interacted with when no weapon is equipped with left mouse

when a weapon is equipped right mouse aims, left mouse fires.

Would have been nice to spend more time on GFX :smiley:


BlasterKid_Last_day(Final).blend (10.5 MB)

any feedback for bug fixing tonight?

not for bugfixing - but maybe a video and / or a screenshot with gameplay

gameplay spoiler

I love it. :slight_smile: It made me laugh out loud when you dropped the grenades under the robot and then they blew up and he shot up in to the air. The red glowing eyes are a nice touch too.

I’m sorry BPR, not that your work is not good, as usual, but I think this concept is just too vast to cover in the time allotted to you…it makes it hard for this to really shine…I know you are extremely competent, but you just do not have the time to make this work…it felt quite ‘klunky’ to me.

pros: good concepts and depth

cons: clunky, needs a lot of polish

I feel bad telling you these things, but I’d rather be respectfully honest.

yeah, I did this for practice for myself kinda
(the procedural animations etc)
coded for literally all the first 4 days.

Made in a week and literally no time to polish gfx / controls etc.

just the black and white minimum viable product for wrectified.

TBH I feel a little bad for the post…I meant what I said, but I could not come up with a better way to crit it…I know you are not an idiot :slight_smile: and you are accomplished in bge…your skills surpass mine IMO…so I hope you take the crit well. I only mean it for your benefit.

I understand your crits,

I plan on using it after the contest is basically what I am trying to say,
and so can the community,

win, loose, draw,

we all still win.

and I understand there is a lack of graphics,
I tend to focus on gameplay first, then polish, then graphics.

just not enough time in a week :smiley:

monday is documentation / rewrite day

This isn’t working on my PC. player isn’t moving. Using UPBGE 2.78.0? This is the 2nd game not working on my PC, when no one else is having a problem, gettin’ worried.

i jump on top ride of the robots and rode them.
And place the whole robot in the basket.
i thought i was safe but they still destroyed the robot.