BGMC 27 Contest

It’s time for Blender Game Making Challenge 27!!! Which The theme vote resulted in a tie, but the two winners actually work well together, so it will be a combo theme contest:

“Black and white minimalism”

You have Saturday to plan out your game concept, and you may start creating your game on Sunday the 4th (your local time). The contest will end Sunday the 11th at midnight (again your local time). The following week we will then play and vote on games.

Also, since the Olympics start during the contest, you must insert the Olympic Rings somewhere in your project as an Easter Egg. This won’t necessarily affect your final ranking in the contest, but its one more thing for you to work with.


  • Your game should in some way shape or form represent or be inspired by the theme.
  • Premade assets are allowed as long as they are shared publically.
  • Your game must include the Olympic logo as an Easter egg somewhere.
  • The blend file size limit will be 40mb. Only submit the blend and data. Don’t publish the game as standalone.
  • The game must be open source
  • Don’t use a far-off version of Blender. If possible, use the latest version of BGE or UPBGE.
  • Game must be done in a BGE-integrated engine (ie BGE, UPBGE, blend4web, armory)
  • When you are done making your game, post it in Finished Games with the BGMC 27 Label before the deadline.

If you want to you can post a WIP thread to keep people up to date with your progress.

The winner will have the grand esteemed honor of hosting the next BGMC and can pick the theme, or decide how the theme is picked. Good luck!

I will also give $20 Paypal or a Steam/Origin game code of the same price to the winner. Just contact me after the voting is done.

I’m not trying to start a debate, but blend4web and armory are not BGE…it is somewhat the equivalent of saying unity or UE4 IMHO. I’m not participating…just kinda think this is not the way to go.

Don’t use a far-off version of Blender. If possible, use the latest version of BGE or UPBGE.

I’m going to break this one and use Youle’s EEVEEinUPBGE. Don’t worry, I’ll provide builds (for Linux/Windows) as well as blend files.

Unfortunately I’ll be away for the first few days of the contest, but I will try to get an entry built in the second half of the week.

Oooh! Black and white minimalism, I think I’ve got an idea for that one.

I think I’ll participate. but I’ll probably do the entirely game in 2 or 3 days during this week… Is this a problem? I really have to plan the game today and create the topic? Can I create the topic when I start?

Thanks! :smiley:

Ok. Let’s go! :yes:

While those other engines potentially have the ability to make nicer looking games, it comes at the cost of a longer development time. One of the great things about BGE is you can rapid prototype a game in a day, and spend a week making it look good. I don’t think it would be so easy with other engines.

I’m interested to see what people come up with, who knows I might switch engines if they can show something much better than me.

These have been options for the last three or more contests. I’m not aware of anyone posting a game with them though. I agree it’s probably not a good idea to use these other engines because player’s might not have access to them to play your game.

I bet I could find a free evening, or 2. Make something small, but nice.

I really like the theme. Gives wide variety of options, no need for hard brainstorming to come up with something unique :slight_smile:

I’m really curious to see how that works out. Might even try it myself… seems like the next-best step if a certain other thing doesn’t happen.

Blender Game Making Challenge Discord:

OK, it’s official…I am extremely excited for this one…I’m at the edge of my seat to see what comes out of this…

Black and white as in the god game or as in no colour?

As in Coffee and Cream

That doesn’t clear things up. I guess I’ll wait until the next round.

Most certainly he means the colour, but you are allowed to interpret the theme as you like, so both is right, even coffee and cream is right.

I would assume any polar opposites would not be frowned upon, but it is not up to my judgment.

Or maybe you could interpret is at the opposite: Make a game with no black and white and only variation in hue. (Arrgh, that would make my eyes bleed)

So long as you can say “<this> is why it’s inspired the theme” then it’s fine.

Sdfgeoff speaks the truth!