BGMC 27 | Contrast

The game:


About equilibrium and timing.
Survive as long as you can, collect as many coins as you can.
Sound needed for best experience.

Use any key (apart from esc)

Standalone game (play anywhere):
Blend file source (Blender 2.79):

Cool facts:

  • Only 1 font and 1 sound file.
  • Built in 3 days.
  • Multi-texture game
  • Raw blend is ~100kb

Learning objectives:

  • Get more familiar with custom 2d filters
  • Don’t use animations
  • Optimize as much as possible

Probably the most minimalistic game I’ve made to date. Hope you all like it :slight_smile:

Another great entry…this and dark sparks from smoking mirror are my current favorites with nicholas’s soundblocks just slightly trailing…but these 3 have very simple and compelling play mechanics…really great work.

Thanks :slight_smile: hopefully there will be lots of other cool entries to come!

I like it. it’s tricky when I go below. No complaints. :slight_smile:

The top and bottom halves are exactly the same apart from color, adapting your brain to deal with reversed gravity is the hard part!
Glad you like it :slight_smile: