BGMC 27 | Dark Sparks

here’s my entry for the BGMC 27.
I hope everyone has fun!

Mouse to move the attractor, space to start/restart.
Made in Blender 2.77


Very cool idea!

Wow!, I am utterly blown away…such a simple game, but it really really shines…good music for this as well…the only thing missing is some sounds for the player movement and the sparks themselves…like when they collide and die etc…but Holy Cow! this is a masterpiece…you should develop this just a bit more and see about releasing it as a larger project…

l’m not using BGE od UPBGE anymore…but you are my favorite BGE gamedev…so talented in all gamedev skills…great game as always.

Thanks Guys. If I get some more time before the weekend I may add a few touches (like environmental sounds) but I’m pretty busy right now and only had time for something simple.

Really cool :RocknRoll:

I am still loving this game…it is just perfect…aside from the sounds that I feel are missing…I’m certain(at least at this point) where I am casting my vote.

i love it too, so cool

Wow, that’s awesome. Really cool. Great job as usual.