BGMC 27 - Minimus Life


FPS Fun (B&W), where the goal is to minimize your life, start at your house.

1st day: Models
2nd day: Mechanics
3rd day: Menu and Sound’s (Game available for download)
4th Day: History with begin and End (Game available for download)

:yes: Ok, let’s go to work.

1st day: (WIP)

Looking good so far, keep it up

Finished House!:yes:

Ok, no rules and toughness, just fun.

Finished menu, work in more details of mechanics…

Work more details for scene.

Great scene! I recommend nyou to do some researches about “flat design” (and find some flat fonts too) for the menus and interfaces. This will help you a lot!

I’m following you project! :smiley:

nice work bro and keep it up i cant wait to see it finnished :wink:


Visual of my game.

Now, work in more objects of scene and minimize bugs…