BGMC 27 - shadow twins

this is my first bgmc game ever, called ‘shadow twins’

You control two cubes, a black and a white one, both simultaneous - you can’t just move one of these or move one in a direction and the other in an other direction. Both cubes have to be in their goal (currently a black / white torus)

There are also black and white walls, which act like walls only if they are in a different color than the cube.

Looks great already, can’t wait to play it. Good luck in the contest!
For this kind of a game you might want to use a top-down camera.

That is an outstanding puzzle concept…good idea… polarized collaboration :slight_smile:

i worked on the wall models and changed the camera perspective a bit

i finished the first playable level - with graphics updates (using a cartoon shader / material and baked shadow texture)

This looks like a polished game already, keep us updated.

Wow! Looks great!

i have 3 playable levels now - and dangerous holes too

level 5 (7 are planned)

with holes and black / white walls