BGMC 27 - Sound Blocks


I didn’t have much time so here is a game of just a few hours work.


The music generates obstacles you have to jump over.

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really good idea, the only problems I have with it are…

  1. seems to be no penalty for hitting the notes as they pass.

  2. complexity doesn’t really ramp up at a steady pace…I mean it starts slow…then it picks up and pretty well hold the same pace the rest of the way through.

other than that great idea, seems well implemented so far and you could have virtually endless game play based on what music you throw at it.

I didn’t have any consequence for hitting blocks because sometimes it is too hard. Why I’ll do is a stronger health regeneration, but with a game over if the health runs out

I made some changes to the block-adding code, so it can support more songs without making it impossibly difficult. I also changed “skill” to health" of which you have 10.

I forgot to add the easter egg, so I just added it.

Cool idea! I totally forgot the easter egg too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, Can’t get it to play for some reason. It’s like the mouse over isn’t working. Using UPBGE 2.78.