BGMC 27 -The Final Steps

It’s time for another challenge and this time around it will be a puzzle-platforming game called “The Final Steps”. The game takes places an instant after your death and you are surrounded by darkness, the only way to not fall into hell is to solve all the puzzles and climb higher and higher to reach for the golden gate.

The puzzles will be controlled by time and symbols and logic (which I’m sure many in this part of the community are rather good at).

For now I’ll share my notes with drawings and idea, I’ll hope you are able to read a few words and understand some of the ideas. They may be a bit unclear, but it’s a view behind the scenes.

And one more image.

OMG this looks fantastic, good luck in the contest!
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Cool idea, I hope you get enough time. :slight_smile:

This sounds like a very intricate design…I agree with Smoking_mirror, I hope you get enough time…if not…this sounds like a good project…just for the sake of the project…in other words, If you do not get finished you may consider continuing it’s development anyway :slight_smile: