BGMC 27 Theme Voting

Hey everyone, so we had a tie for the contest date, so since Valentines day is the 14th, the contest date will be February 4-11 to avoid any “conflicts of interest,” per say.

So now we need to decide on a theme. There were a lot of theme suggestions, so I’ve chosen a handful for us to vote on that I felt were thought provoking, but not too open ended.

The poll will close on Friday (give or take depending on where you are) and the theme will be announced. Hopefully, this will give people all around the world time to see the the theme on Saturday, so they can plan a bit before beginning on Sunday (everyone’s local time).

Last chance to vote!

wtf?! somehow I did not see this thread before just now. Can I break the tie by voting for Black and White ?

Minimalist Black & White, I could totally buy that.

Yeah I think a combo contest could be interesting. I’m literally in the middle of typing up the main contest post, so stay tuned.

That would probably simplify things… but not today :slight_smile:

Finished Votes?
I wanted to have voted!