BGMC 27 Vote

Blender Game Making Challenge 27 has drawn to a close! Congratulations to everyone who finished a game this week! Sometimes that in itself is its own reward.

Now it is time to determine a winner, which we will do by community vote.

Vote for the entry that you think deserves the gold medal, keeping in mind:

  • How well the theme was integrated
  • Quality
  • Enjoyment
  • Visuals
  • Audio
  • Gameplay and mechanics
  • Did they incorporate the Olympic Easter Egg?
  • Anything else that constitutes a good game

You only get 1 vote, and votes for yourself will be discounted.

The vote will run for a week, and the winner will be revealed.

Good luck and great games all!

Thanks Ton and devs for blender and thanks Tristan, and youle and Lord loki, twister etc for upbge.

Thanks to everyone who took part. It’s always fun fir me to join a BGMC, so thanks for you time.
Good luck everyone!

It makes me really happy that BGMC is still a thing, even with the looming doom of the BGE on the horizon.

My game does have the Olympic Easter egg but it is very hard to find.

Thanks everybody for participating, there are some awesome new games!
@MichelleSea Don’t worry about it, there will always be bge

it states I have already voted?..something is amiss…I cast my vote and it stated(as I pointed out) ‘you have already voted on this pole.’ and it does not return the voting results…so how can I vote? I guess I will just check back tomorrow.

It probably collected your vote; the results are hidden until the poll ends… assuming I clicked the right button :slight_smile:

I guess I will just wait and see…for the record I voted for dark sparks(smoking mirror)…I do not care about anonymity.

Is there an all games zip/package so we can download and play them all at once?

i cannot find the games at all…where are we to download them?

All the entries are posted in the Finished Games forum, and they will have their respective downloads in each thread.

Votes are in

Alright the results are now available for everyone to see. Congratulations to Smoking_Mirror with Dark Sparks!

Also, congrats to everyone who finished a game in a week. That alone is noteworthy in itself. Thanks everyone for participating!

congrats Smoking Mirror !

great job everyone, and thanks shogun loiyd for hosting!

next time, for feedback, maybe we should have a breakdown

graphics 1-5 points
gameplay 1-5 points
theme 1-5 points
controls 1-5

what did you like?

what did you dislike?

what would you do differently?

this way everyone votes for each game, and everyone gets waaaay better feedback

Thanks everyone, and especially Showgun Lloyd for hostinv another great BGMC!
@BPR although the vote doesn’t give much feedback on its own, a few people usually give some in depth reviews on the finished game threads.

I agree, not many people have time to leave extensive feedback, those that do will most likely leave it on the finished game thread. That is unless we have set judges for the next BGMC

how are to decide who the judges would be? my idea has holes in it but im thinking that 2nd, 3rd and 4th place ranked games should be judges. or let the winner of the BGMC make the choice!

A judge should be an expert in the field they are judging but also be able to abstract and look at the bigger picture of a game.
Having previous winners be the judges is a bad idea as contestants may want to join the next BGMC. Additionally most game developers struggle to look at the bigger picture whether the game is actually fun or not, beyond the graphics/mechanics.

What if we picked a platform like steam/indiedb/newgrounds or something similar and had a week to promote the game and get reviews.
That would cover another aspect of game development that blender games rarely touch.