[BGMC 28] The Lost Star Tribe (rapid prototype)

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the game did not get finished in time however we will be finishing it at the blender discord server.

it’s playable but only about 40$% of the content is in use.

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and the .exe is on gamejolt at

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I’ll try and play it this week when I’m not so busy. From the videos it looks great. So far only you and sdfgeoff finished a game, so I’ll put them both up for voting at the end of the week, unless any more games come out of the woodwork.

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I had a go at this, but couldn’t figure out how to interact with it properly. I could walk around and look at things, and mouse-over made them glow, but I never figured out how to pick things up. Any chance for some instructions?

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WASD = move
RIGHT mouse = aim at mouse cursor

left click on item while standing very close to item = pick up item

q while aiming at player = swap to play
q while aiming at player you control w/weapon = drop weapon
R = reload

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Star tribe has gone planetary


Nice! I’ll be checking it out. :slight_smile:

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Thanks !

the canvas is still very experimental and not released yet
too much work to do first :smiley:

getting close though

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ok AI / pathfinding with obstacle avoidance is in
probably should test it with obstacles tommarow / add enemies.

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made a enemy - put it in game - made spawner pop color in spawned object
fixed up some ui conflicts

next up is route tool and route logic

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