[BGMC 29] Fury Run

First builds now up! I’d love any feedback.

Blends and executables included in the zips.

Please use a controller/joystick if you can!!


Some info:

Make it through the week, visiting each town and collecting enough money to pass without getting killed.

  • 5 unique procedurally generated levels with unique asset sets
  • 5 enemy types with different skill sets
  • 3 different pickup types
  • Original sound design and music

Upbge 2.2
Fairly CPU heavy, so a somewhat strong pc is needed (or close chrome at least.)

and some wip media:
early test level playthough:

level tile sets:


First post updated with builds of the game. If anyone has a chance to try before the deadline and let me know of any issues that would be great!

Linux link is 404

oof. both links fixed.

Video of complete playthrough of game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2e2eJih6WHg

Updated to v1.1 in the first post.

  • fixed bug with one npc
  • added reloading
  • added rolling while on ground and flipping while in the air

recorded new playthrough with reloading and rolls/flips. Working on some building mods but probably won’t make the deadline, if it isn’t already past…

just before midnight here, replace the assets and levels folder with these copies for a small buildings update.

-edit- included in v1.2 and above.

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The final complete play through for the jam. I am also updating the links in the first post to v1.2 which has the building updates.

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mainGroups.blend (4.4 MB)

The blend above should significantly improve performance. Replace the file in the assets folder with it. Noticed a very stupid bug in the new buildings, and a few other things I forgot to do.

Also, I hope to have an update with new keyboard/mouse controls up in a few days. In the mean time, please, please play with a controller.

Thanks to @WKnight02 for playtesting and making me notice the issue.

When I finished the level, it froze my computer and I had nothing else to do other than hard rebooting :frowning:

Bug aside, the game is fun!
Love the gameplay and the sounds.

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