[BGMC 29] - Glazor

Mouse Move = Aim

WASD = Move

Left mouse = Plasma cannon
Right mouse = Ion Beam

contains buffer bloom using attachment 0
Uses upbge_BPR_Branch (render attachments + cubemap fix + Mesh_edit)

game -https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jX4fPT3ITvBPn8zZV5ii8vW4s19YwVYz/view?usp=sharing

music is
Further Away
by TeknoAXE


I like how you did the cursor. Its cool how it changes direction and behavior. Like its alive, like an ai.
This seems to work in UpBge 0.2.4 Debian, so if your on Linux you can probably still play the game.

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yeah you can change the line in bufferA
at the top
bgl.DataTextures[7] to bgl.RenderedTexture

same with

bgl.DataTextures[0] to bgl.RenderedTexture

(going back to bloom without a render attachment bloom buffer)

gameplay spoiler

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thank you so much for this good game :partying_face:

excellent job

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how do you create those lighting things ? I’m very ignorant on that aspect of Blender

I use a bloom buffer, in recent master to control what blooms and how much

each object can pop a texture into the buffer, so animated noise in the buffer = an animated bloom.

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Just an offtopic question:
Do you have a keyboard? with numpad?

  • shift+space makes it fullscreen window (toggle) no need to remove/add/resize every window
  • numpad 0 goes straight into camera view (toggle)

Fun game, awesome I really like this game.

shift+space makes it fullscreen window

bpr steady driving me insane with this. glad i’m not the only one :crazy_face:

(fan of shift arrow key over here)