[BGMC 29] Space Attack

I’m making my game for BGMC 29 to be like the game Gradius. (Video below). I found these sprites I can use. A couple years ago I started making a game called Scarlet Fire that I never finished. I plan to model my game off of these two games but I promise I won’t use any resources from it.


Here is a video of day 1 progress:

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And here is progress #2. Mostly just general improvements but I also added boss battles.

In my opinion, you already won this BGMC :slight_smile:

This looks (and sounds) amazing.

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i like the lazers affects.it looks pretty good.i do like gradius.

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WOOOAHHHH This is B.E.Y.O.N.D my Expectations for the BGMC :smiley:
mann great work there bro thats truly insane can’t wait for more!
(ive been offline due to internet issues at home but i’ll follow up on BA from time to time when i get to my workplace)

Otherwise man keep up the good work buddy im actualy excited to play this game sooner…


lol guys i have a finished game thread for this. stop replying here.