[BGMC 29] Space Attack

Space Attack.blend

Here’s the blend ^^^ enjoy!

(use UPBGE)

Left click to shoot
Right click to shoot
Mouse to fly


this is my final game. please refer to this thread rather than my WIP one.

Looks good Nicholas, pretty disappointed I haven’t got the time to play yet, but I will.

I got kickflip, front ollie and a normal one with ill manuals. Yay! But then i thought, i guess ill start knocking them out with skateboards.

cool, but do you have an og impeach the president?

Today i got stabbed in my back by a spy. At least 3 times.

bruh moment yall wrong thread

what is your own highscore? :upside_down_face:

i got around 1019 i think

Ah ok, i got to 1221, the boss at that range is setup to let you fail haha.
Are you going to expand it? an online high score option should be great for it :wink: makes it very competitive.

Very cool project! Great job!

nah. im not gonna work on it anymore. i think its fine how it is

What a shame, a nice menu and with online high scores would really fit this game.
but i understand it’s made for bgmc.

906, my hand hurts.

Really had fun on this :slight_smile:

Wow! nice game! congrats! :hugs::grin:

Good job, its a great little arcade game.

High score: 1175

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Awesome !!! so fun to play. I enjoy it! I’m already addicted.