BGMC 29: Starts Feb 18th

BGMC 29 will run from 18th Feb to 24th Feb (Monday to Sunday). The theme will be announced on the 17th Feb to make sure that it is visible to everyone regardless of local time differences.
For a hint as to the theme, have a look at the results of the theme vote. The theme will come from the top five…

Wait, hold the phone, what is the BGMC?

BGMC is the “Blender Game Making Contest” where you have 7 days to make a game using a blender-integrated game engine. This could be BGE, UPBGE or Armory. To enter, put a game in the “Finished Games Forum” with the thread title containing “[BGMC29]”.

This is a low-key game contest. There aren’t any prizes other than that the winner organises the next BGMC. All entries have to be open source, so that others can learn and share from your skillz.


Cool. I’m ready. :slight_smile:

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Question: could an entry be the project folder whole, blender files and everything?

I ask because publishing addon deleted one of my game’s files and messed with my libraries folder, and I’d rather generate an executable myself to have it open up the main blend in fullscreen and start the game, than ever use that addon again and give it a chance to screw me over a second time.

Pros, people get to see exactly how things look on my end and can mod the game with ease.
Downside is having to package the game with the build I use, which is 300~ MB.

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Actually, I should have mentioned in the first post, but entries should be in blend format. You don’t have to worry about packaging it at all, just stick it all in a zip file (and make sure that any external files needed are in there too).

Is it allowed to have some launcher script, in case some environment variables and whatnot must be set?

I don’t see why not, but I also can’t really imagine a good reason why you would need such a system. If you need some special environment variables, it implies you’re doing something special which suggests it may have issues running on other peoples computer.

Environment variables are usually used to detect things about the environment a system is running on (eg if you want to use the correct path to their C++ compiler rather than hard-code it), but for deploying a game, you want to use your game engine, your files etc.
So I would suggest considering why you are depending on something “in the environment”
Bear in mind that people here run a huge variety of systems, diferent linux’s, old mac’s, windows. If you want other people to play your game, I suggest either testing on as many platforms as possible, or finding ways to make it not depend on the computer it’s running on…

Just using Python virtualenvs to install dependencies, so I need to set PYTHONPATH for Blender to pick it up, as we cannot make the BGE use a different Python executable.

If it’s a pure-python dependency, you can just chuck it in the same folder as the blend files and it should be picked up. I suspect you’ll have issues getting blender-using-different python executable working reliably cross platform.

I also guess that many people won’t like a blender game that installs things on their system. At the very least, I know I wouldn’t…

This is a bit off-topic now, my bad, but to clarify it is because I am using virtualenvs, which are like minimalist Python installations based on an already existing Python build.

In this case, I build a virtualenv using UPBGE’s bundled Python, which means that the Python executable is either a copy or a symlink to UPBGE’s original Python, meaning that it is totally compatible.

In a perfect world, I would have liked to point UPBGE to use this self contained Python installation, but because we cannot, I just set the PYTHONPATH environment variable to point to it.

Why would one use virtualenvs: To install python packages in a self contained environment, without polluting any global Python installation. And some packages might build some native binaries for the target platform they are installed onto (Cython, or Python native extensions).

In either case, I only do this to exercise myself with the different development good practices for Python and how to integrate it into the BGE. It is pretty nice to be able to use about any PyPI package in Blender.

Anyway, I’m certainly not doing everything 100% right, but if I don’t try I won’t even come close to it. Worst case I’ll just make a fool out of myself, not that I really care. I’ll do my best to have fun during the following week, share it with you people, and hopefully learn things on the way :slight_smile:

The excitement is killing me!!!

when is the vote?


@sdfgeoff when do we vote?

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Bump :smiley:
does someone want to make and host the all games pack?

sure, i got all games put into a .zip.
help me count, 8 entries total?

@WKnight02 has no entry (all to late/extended)?

Yes, count me out :slight_smile: