[BGMC 29] - The Stories We Told

The Stories We Told

This is a frontend for archive.org. It demonstrates the potential for storing media on remote servers, allowing larger collections, at the expense of bandwidth. Currently there is a bit of a pause during connecting. Use in an actual game would most likely benefit from precaching andor multithreding.

Click on the picture to play media. Toggle the control bar with >space<. Move through books with >left arrow< and >right arrow<. Cancel the currently playing media with >right mouse<.

This game is primarily meant for demonstrative purposes. If you are interested in viewing the media, its recommended that you visit its web site by clicking the >Web< button.

The network streams can be slow. In particular when using the scroll bar for audio and video. Networked video is currently disabled due to poor performance. If you wold like to try the networked video, switch the scene to “Main NetVidio”.

Designed for UpBge 0.2.4

Arranged by Cortu
CC BY-SA 4.0

Media provided by Archive.org, and is copyrighted by there respective owners.

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