BGMC 29: Vote for the winner! (Closed)

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BGMC 29,

The theme is: Retro.
Go ahead and let your vote count!

Package with all the games: (± 270 MB)

Download manual 1 by 1:

  • Vecterz by cuervo1003
  • Tigerstein the v3 by SmilingSquirre
  • Fury run by billyzill
  • Glazor by BluePrintRandom
  • The stories we told by Cortu
  • Gunpig by Liebranca
  • Space attack by Nicholas_A
  • Brutal decent by Shogun_Lloyd
  • Moon lander by Jesusmora
  • Turn the lights off by vincius

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BGMC 29: And the winner is
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Poll reopened and adjusted!

Happy voting!

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(billyzill) #4

Thank you @Cotaks for creating this thread.

(Lyeb) #5

Mine wasn’t finished lol proly shouldn’t be on the list

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Ooh! why post it in finished games section then :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway if you win we can exclude you from taking first place.(can’t alter poll after 5 mins of posting)

But that’s up to you.

(Lyeb) #7

Holy crap, it is! My bad then. Must’ve confussed me sections :B
It’d be epic if I won though. Thing’s barely playable!

(BluePrintRandom) #8


download the all games pack and help choose the winner!

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BGMC 29 is over - 3 days left to vote on the winner
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Last day! if you did not vote yet, then be fast! :slight_smile:

(BluePrintRandom) #10

was my game packaged with my copy of blender?

(I should have made a exe :frowning: )

(- Click for resources) #11

No it was not!

Sorry that’s my fault i just skimmed trough the topics and downloaded all the games(didn’t know that i also needed to pack all the bge’s?). Tho in my defense it looks a lot more retro in normal upbge :wink:

(Yes you should have indeed) But now i also know why the bloom was not present.
But to be honest nicholas made a pretty solid game, i think it didn’t matter if yours had the bloom effect or not. Personally i like yours more without it.

Sorry once again.

(BluePrintRandom) #12

it’s cool, I like the FX and am actually continuing on the game.


(- Click for resources) #13

Don’t get me wrong, i really do like the effects, wonder how you pulled that out of the box haha. but it’s to busy to the eyes, all those bright flashes etc.

Yes do that, i like those style of games :slight_smile: