Bgmc 29?

@sdfgeoff, @Smoking_mirror, @agoose77, @Monster , @Josip_Kladaric
I call the council.
there is some interest online in another BGMC

what about waiting until upbge 0.2.4 is stable and then planning it?


owo good idea

yeah, the form became boring after the relase of the 2.8 and without it !!!
so i think its a good idea !!!

I am in for another BGMC if it turns out in friendly time. I’d love to bring my coding fingers to another battle.

Hmm, yeah, BGMC’s. I wonder if we can get to BGMC 30 before 2.8 is released?

I think I’m the person meant to organize the next one, so does anyone have any suggestions?

I’d like to take part but I don’t have much free time at the moment. If it’s on tell me and I’ll try to get something done for it. :slight_smile:

Having BGMC 29 at next week would be a rush, but, as far as I know, in many places it’s autumn holiday for students, so there’d be more people with free time. Just a thought.

Halloween themed BGMC :open_mouth:


^^^^^^^^^^^ yes (more letters)

**cracks Knuckles. - BRING IT ON!

Great to see that this is back i’ll be spectating this time around since im terrible at making quick BGE Games lol :sweat_smile:


Can’t be any worse then me! At least give me a fighting chance not to come last :’(