Bgmc 29?

(BluePrintRandom) #1

@sdfgeoff, @Smoking_mirror, @agoose77, @Monster , @Josip_Kladaric
I call the council.
there is some interest online in another BGMC

what about waiting until upbge 0.2.4 is stable and then planning it?

(Nicholas_A) #2

owo good idea

(alf0) #3

yeah, the form became boring after the relase of the 2.8 and without it !!!
so i think its a good idea !!!

(adriansnetlis) #4

I am in for another BGMC if it turns out in friendly time. I’d love to bring my coding fingers to another battle.

(sdfgeoff) #5

Hmm, yeah, BGMC’s. I wonder if we can get to BGMC 30 before 2.8 is released?

I think I’m the person meant to organize the next one, so does anyone have any suggestions?

(Smoking_mirror) #6

I’d like to take part but I don’t have much free time at the moment. If it’s on tell me and I’ll try to get something done for it. :slight_smile:

(adriansnetlis) #7

Having BGMC 29 at next week would be a rush, but, as far as I know, in many places it’s autumn holiday for students, so there’d be more people with free time. Just a thought.

(BluePrintRandom) #8

Halloween themed BGMC :open_mouth:

(Nicholas_A) #9

^^^^^^^^^^^ yes (more letters)