BGMC 30 Ends today


You now have 7 days to comlete your game. Good luck.

Feel free to use any engine. BGE, UPBGE, or Armory. Try to keep the finished file size within reason. Try to keep it wthin 50mb as a soft bound.


Is the timer just a gif that loops back to 1 days 0 hours 34 minutes or is my browser broken? :B
Anyhoo, board says it’s been a day. Shall we begin?

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i asked this in BGMC facebook lol! i think that we can start now!

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There are 3 days left in the competition

Got quite a bit left to do lol

Does it end today or tomorrow?

tomorrow at 00:00 UTC

Finish up with your games today and post them in the finished games section.

Alright the development part of BGMC 30 is now concluded. Make sure the finished files(s) are up and I will make a finished game pack later today and open up voting!

I went beastmode with finishing touches and missed the deadline. Am I too late to upload?

Sadly couldn’t finish (to be more accurate, even start it) it, here’s what got done:

That’s fine not a problem