BGMC 30 Final Vote

^ link to the finished game pack

and each of the threads are here ^

  • Puppet’s Quest
  • The Sword Who Tried To Get In

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Spend some time playing the games and make a vote!

Well, so that means I’m the person to set up the next BGMC?

Indeed. Congratulations.

Why, I just noticed the vote was over.
Congrats! c:

Thank you, guys (a bit late, I forgot to answer)!
Do you guys think it’s time for a new BGMC (yes, less than a month after the last one), at least to discuss the theme?

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i think give it a bit more time

Better wait a while longer. Mainly so hype can be built back up and all that, also because my schedule is looking pretty nasty till like mid october or so and I’d rather not miss it :B

I would like to join again some day, it has been 2 years since I have been able to since I was serving a mission for my church… I will have to start figuring out blender again, so that should be fun

omg i remember you leaving for that. wlecome back!

Thanks! I am excited to get back into it. I have been working on some things, expect something to show up eventually in work in progress, I am hoping to relearn all of the things I knew before (I already got back into the normal map and design aspect a little bit, but nothing with logic really yet) We will see what happens and see if I am up for the next BGMC

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Well, we’re entering september now, do you guys think that this is a good moment to start a new discussion thread for a new BGMC?


That sound like a fun idea

Yes :slight_smile:

Hi @joelgomes1994

What kind of BGMC (THEME) did you have in mind (?)

It’s not up to me to decide it. People suggest the theme in a discussion forum, they vote and the theme will be the most voted one(s).

Well, I think I will setup the discussion forum now, there seems to be people interested in the jam.

Correct me again if I’m wrong.
But I thought BGMC winners get to pick the next BGMC THEME :thinking:

No, take a look at the last one:

The winner only organise the jam. If I’m not wrong, I can’t even participate (even though the users that will vote for the winner game, not me).

Maybe your right.
I was confused with this :arrow_down:


The discussion thread for the new BGMC (edition 31) is already out, check it out!

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