BGMC 30 Theme vote

Spend a week voting on these themes. It’s multiple choice but pick up to 2 or 3 choices max.
Poll closes on the 10th at 00:00Z. There will be one brainstorming day after the poll closes. Development will start promptly on the 12th, again at 00:00Z. I will make another formal thread about this competition once this poll closes.

  • Machine Dreams
  • pew pew pew
  • Top down shooter
  • grow
  • fast and slow
  • submarines
  • Swords & magic
  • Animal Game
  • Hell & Magic
  • Vacation Trip
  • vehicle simulator
  • duckhunt with unique spin
  • First person melee weapons
  • Timer jump game
  • street fighter style fighting game

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One pretty unique category, which may not seem too uncommon, is animals. There’s tons of games with animals, but very few where they aren’t humanized and walking straight up. Love to see more games where you play as a wolf (or similar) with its limitations.

You have seen this in small parts in Zelda or silly games like Goat simulator. Think it’s a category worth to explore.

Yeah I agree, there’s certainly a lot of things you can do with this category that isn’t typically explored. I’d be okay if someone made a game with animals that act similar to those Star Fox (not talking about a Star Fox game though), but I hope to see something in the style of The First Tree on PS4.

Have not heard of that game before, seems fine. A very interesting game in that category is Lost Ember, a game in which you swap between a lot of different animals.

(This is not made in BGE)

However, it may be some other category that may win. To my this is always an opportunity to make a game that is way off the majority of games. Using odd mechanics and ways to play games that isn’t very common.

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yeah, looks like “swords&magic” or “hell&magic” are going to win… :yawning_face:

You can be very creative there as well, as long as you let yourself be.

Limits force you to be come up with things you otherwise wouldn’t have. I’m sure plenty of you will do something fun with the taste of you.

One day left to vote. Make sure to vote if you have not yet.

I haven’t ever seen that one one before, but I am intrigued by it. I like the mechanic of switching your animal, but is it limited to only certain spots/ places? That aside, what you said about limitations = creativity has been tried and trusted for quite a while. An example of where that worked wonders for a game was Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Being that it was a first person adventure/ shooter/ plat former game on the Wii, Retro Studios were tasked making one of the most immersive games ever, and for that to be possible they had to have good controls. People typically despise motion controls but the the Wii was one hell of pointer, and Retro came up with one of the best ideas ever. They had already put players behind the helmet of Samus Aran, and now they put your arm in her arm cannon. The controls were responsive, and it was just awesome to feel like a futuristic bounty hunter. Anyways Retro took what was called a limitation, and made it into one of the best gimmick any game has ever had (IMO).