[BGMC 31] Aliens on my farm!

Hi guys!

This is a simple game, the objective is to shoot the alien ship to protect your cow from the aliens.
[BGMC 31].rar (1.7 MB)

upbge 0.2.4

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Hello @Diego_Almeida_Santos

[ PROS ]

  1. Smooth game-play (could have been a lot more game-play tho :wink:)
  2. Props were nicely textured & modeled :slight_smile:
  3. Characters were original looking :+1:

[ CONS ]

  1. No story or back-line :neutral_face:
  2. Menu panels weren’t quit in place :wink:
  3. Menu exit text is visible in-game due to menus being in the same scene as game-play :thinking:

Was your game fun (?)
It came across as mundane game-play (just shooting things without moving)
If things were perhaps turned into a real FPS game then that would be awesome :heart_eyes: :+1:

[ EDIT ]
Your game file doesn’t have the game name on it.

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Hello @RandomPerson thank you very much for the feedback, my proposal was to make a simple game, because I don’t know how to program correctly and for lack of time, next time I will present a better game

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Your game really was well polished & clear of bugs as far as I could see :thinking:

Just wished game-play had been more exciting, but other-wise VERY professional :heart_eyes: :+1: