[bgmc 31] Bowmen


OMG!!! what a great idea! :sunglasses: lol but really… not really a challenge of “innovation” but more to polish and method.

One of my all time favorite genres of games are shooters so as I’ve not been part of one of these blender game challenges for some time, and I think I can make a high power, high pace, bowmen shooter staged on the side scurts of a crusade era desert town back way when Bows and Ballista were the projectile flingers of choice, also because being an archer is a big hobby sense I was young.:alien:

I will include video screen captures uploaded to mindshockstudios youtube channel as I proceed, i’m “gunning” for 3 days to make and polish the entire project under 50 zipped blend using pure Legacy Upbge, although I thought it would be juicy to use the Upbge Eevee build because I’m still getting used to all the 2.80 stuff :roll_eyes:


The new update for Bowmen shooter development, now we have quickly readied the models for efficient shader and texture painting


Woooahhhh thats so sick i like the lighting nice and the models too buddy !!!
Music sounds Great too…



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Quick environment integration with BGE shows great show-case as well as nice environment :+1:

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Love what you’ve done with the environment!

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hi everyone, thank you for you kind words of encouragement, and so I just made an updated time lapse adding a shop to buy arrows and upgraded bows as you gather points killing more enemies and also a level exit when at game end. I’d love to endlessly add more detail, but I need to modelling the 2 or 3 characters quickly so I have more then enough time to do all the texturing and shaders later on tonight, and tomorrow put it all together and build all the logic and UI… enjoy


looks a bit like borderlands.

dripping with style.

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Thank you very much BluePrintRandom :sunglasses:

My internet was out for a few days, so i’ll be uploading a few [late updates] in sequence. please enjoy


i never got a chance to finish this game for the BGMC 31, I could have but I had this big family situation for the past month and something… That just mashed my time and had to put all my projects on hold but as the project is mostly done (level, props, character) all I have is the textures, animations, logic and UI to done found. I want to finish the quick project and release it as a free blender game on the new release of UPBGE 3.0 prototype for of the blender game engine as I’m very ecstatic about all the new Eevee rendering stuff I think it will be a great project to showcase Eevee’s power as a high end AAA game engine

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