BGMC 31 Final Vote

Hey! It’s time for the final vote on the BGMC 31! Download the games, read and download its requirements from links provided on README.txt files and vote for your favorite game. :wink:

Download the games pack HERE

Alternative compressed file HERE

  • = Potential
  • Aliens On My Farm
  • Destroyer
  • RAT4T4
  • Siege-Shooting Gallery
  • The Adventures of Chick and Adee
  • Ultraviolent Business Mission

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I think Fred’s chicken game is super cute. voted for it :slight_smile:


Yeah chick and adee maan. It’s tres cool.


I voted for :arrow_down: since it was the closest shooter based game for BGMC 31 :ok_hand:

:arrow_down: Was really professionally made :thinking: but due to over-sight (not a jab at you @Nicholas_A :peace_symbol:)
of dead-lines the master-pieces weren’t game-ready sadly.

Stunning graphics, but no real game-play :wink:

Needed more game-play other-wise might have been a serious rival lol :+1:


Er, is voting finally official yet :question: @joelgomes1994

Yes, this voting will decide the winner of BGMC 31 and the organizer of the next one.

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I meant when does the voting end :question: A certain perhaps :question:

Below the poll it’s written ‘Closes in X days’.

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Oh. Silly me. Ty @joelgomes1994 :blush:

P.S I think it’s obvious that this is my first BGMC lol.

@fredstash Guess you’ll have to wait until BGMC 33 to make a BGMC game :sunglasses:


Well, the voting has ended some minutes ago. Congratulations, @fredstash, you win this BGMC. :wink:


Congrats @fredstash, You certainly earned this. :slight_smile: :+1:


congratss @fredstash! I tried your game and it was the best!


Well thank you to everyone who tried my game, and who participated. I really enjoyed this one. Hopefully we can encourage more people to participate next time (I remember having close to 20 people a long time ago)

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so,what’s your plan for BGMC 32 @fredstash?

We should probably give everyone a bit of time to recuperate. I will probably bring it up, in a month more or less. Unless people are just dying to start one up again.


too late for a vote, but i hesitate between “Destroyer” and “U.B.M”

Good work @fredstash.

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@joelgomes1994 More n00b question here in-case I do take part in BGMC 32 :wink: :innocent:

  1. I don’t have to create a thread in #game-engine:works-in-progress-and-game-demos -
    just #game-engine:finished-games right :grey_question:

  2. If I win BGMC 32 do I have to be the one to set up BGMC 33 :grey_question: -
    Or can someone else stand-in for me :grey_question:

  1. You are not required to make a WIP demo. Only a finished game is required.
  2. You will not be required to host the next game. That is normally what the winner does but there have been instances where the winner was unable to host the next one.