Bgmc 31 RAT4T4

UPBGE 0.2.4

Ran out of time and had issues with animations. Everything is super buggy. But if you’re lucky, it might play ok. We also ran out of time on solo mode so the only game mode is online so if nobody is on the server with you, you’re all alone.

Also sometimes it doesnt connect if you re-connect really fast. Idk why. but yeah.

Also be sure to allow blender through your firewall or change your antivirus settings or whatever cause if u dont have internet its not gonna play sorry

FYI it’s not split screen and its not LAN. Its a legit global online multiplayer.


Also like nothing works. no leaderboard, the radar doesnt work. also sometimes other players wont die even if you kill them

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I like the map. Neat use of natural/man-made, reminds me in some ways of Halo 3’s Sand Trap. Would love to have a battle on a full server sometime. BTW, how long do you plan to keep the sever up?

Not sure how long I plan to keep it up. Eventually as fewer people play the game I will shut it off.

I will be expanding the network capabilities and even this game starting in a few days because I think I made a good concept with this game.

I also plan to make more games in the future that are better and will support more players


Is it playable (?) Somewhat (damage is slightly broken)
Fun game YES (besides falling through the terrain 85.0% of the time…)
Would I play it again (?) Definitely YES

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