BGMC 31 The Jam Has Ended!


That’s it! Following the result of the theme voting thread, the BGMC 31 theme will be Shooter!
Will your game be a first person shooter, third person shooter, top down shooter, space shooter or something else? Use your creativity and bring the best this theme can provide. :wink:


  • You are free to start planning your game at the day of this post (september 28th).
  • You have 1 week to make your game: from september 29th to october 6th.
  • The game must be developed under Blender based game engines such as BGE, UPBGE, Armory, Blend4Web or similar.
  • The game source code must be released for the community as a learning source.
  • Try to optimize your game data size. It’s not obligatory, but an avarage size of 50 MB (without binaries) is a good start.
  • Create a thread on Works in Progress subforum if you want to document your progress, or in Finished Games when you’re done. In case you choose the first option, move your thread to the latest when you’re done.
  • Name your game thread with the prefix BGMC 31.
  • Upload your game on a non-complicated platform to download. Google Drive, Mediafire or GitHub are good choices.
  • On your game thread, provide information about which Blender version you used and, if needed, a download link.
  • You are allowed to used pre-made assets, but you’re encouraged to document on your game thread what you didn’t make.

Current Entries


Some people are going to be mad at the theme, but thanks for organizing the BGMC!

Looks like fun already :slight_smile:

That’s right. I’m mad about the theme :rage: just kidding. im not mad. its not the best theme in my opinion but i’ll try to make the best of it in probably the 1 hour of free time I will be able to find

Hell I know it’s not what evrybody wanted but what can I say, I’m pumped. Been saying we ought to make shooters for like two BGMCs in a row – do you know how much I itch to drop a DOOM clone on this one? UGGHHH, I almost can’t bear it any longer.

Also just so everyone is aware, I’m gonna start developing right now because today and maybe tomorrow are the only days where i have some free time.

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You realize that the FPS demo screen-shot is of AssaultCube (?)
(The game I play)

Do you play it by chance (?)

Not so often, but I have it installed. :smiley:
I thought “open source FPS, so it’s good choice for a thumbnail”. :wink:

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The jam has started! I changed the thread title and, due to questions, I added a new rule about pre-made assets to the first post.

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Good luck all !

give it your best !

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Hey, @BluePrintRandom , are you going to participate? @UnidayStudio is going to use UPBGE’s EEVEE branch for his project, I think it’s a good opportunity to showcase some features of it. :smiley:


@joelgomes1994 I’ll try to use it (upbge eevee branch) for sure! If nothing works as I’m expecting with that branch, I’ll go back to 0.2.4 and finish the game there.

Good luck, everyone! :slight_smile:

I just may :smiley:

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VROM! VROOOMM!!! shooter, I love it. can focus more on the art the how “innovative” we think we are :smiley: I’m also starting my project will make it short and sweet as I can, I’m gunning for 3 days on this and I’m going to post screen shorts and videos of my progress. Also will use UPBGE legacy, I’m not totally used to the Eevee build as of yet.

I just added the current entries of BGMC at the first post, and I’ll update it as new ones join the jam. This will help us keep track of the game entries. :wink:



Just curious. Is their a rule that only 2 or less people can collaborate in a BGMC (?)

not a rule but imagine a bunch of people working on a single game. that makes it unfair for everyone else.

Stop being salty me and adrians didn’t accept you on our team

I think you are wrong & you know it fully.
Why can’t you just admit that your wrong when you realize it (??)

wrong, right blah blah who cares. There are still like 3 days. you already have a HUD you made. go use it and make your own project

I gave it to you.

and I am giving it back to you :slight_smile: