BGMC 31 The Jam Has Ended!

You can not give something that is not yours* + back to someone who created it in the first place :grin:

then why are you complaining I “used” you?

@RPaladin and @Nicholas_A can you please take this discussion of yours to PM? There’s no need to crowd this thread with your little back-and-forth.


Hey people, the jam ends today! A nice sunday for everyone and, if you’re still finishing your game, have a good coding and keep in mind that you have until 23h59 to submit your entry. :wink:

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Do i still have today to submit my game no?

The last day was yesterday, but I will not block any game posted today. Just keep in mind that I’m already making the games pack, so hurry up if you still need to post your game. :wink:

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You’ll have it by the end of today. Thank you

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Thank you for allowing me the rest of the day to finish the game. Coming in 4 days late to the jam with only 3 hours left and so much left to do i cannot finish the game in time. Each bgmc i get cide closer and closer to releasing a game…i hope there’s a next time.

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No problem, I’m glad you tried, maybe next time. :wink:

The Final Vote thread is open! Go on, download the games pack and vote for your favorite game. :wink: