BGMC 31 Theme Voting

Hey! :grinning:

Time to vote for the suggested themes on the discussion thread for the BGMC 31. Pick from 1 to 3 of the desired themes and good luck! :wink:

You can vote until september 28th (friday). On saturday the chosen theme will be highlighted with an official jam thread and, on sunday, the jam officially starts and you’ll have 7 days to finish your game. Choose wisely and let the voting begin! :open_hands:

  • Minecraft experience
  • Low poly
  • Grid based building
  • Open world
  • Shooter
  • Some assembly required
  • Movie based
  • Crazy shopping
  • Mass destruction
  • Don’t fall
  • Underwater
  • Speed
  • Procedural
  • Re-reading
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Quantum universe
  • Clicker
  • Hack and slash
  • Two player
  • Worst game ever

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with possibilty to vote up to 3 themes , you just offer the first place to a default theme . Like an ice-cream with 3 balls, vanilla ball will be in almost each ice-cream.

EDIT : evenmore, if you have like 100 flavors (game themes). In make the effect even worse… any flavor has absolutely no chance to be number 1… but the default choice : vanilla

boring overrated shooter. i want worst game ever to win. that would be so much fun

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I wouldn’t count it against you if you did a shooter in the bizarre and ridiculous vein.

Does BGMC games have to be created from scratch (?) Or already created WIPs / Finished Games (?)

I think I know the answer. Just double-checking tho :grin:

We make it from scratch and if you have any code or assets you want to use you must post them prior to the competition- at least that is what I remember from forever ago


indeed, you start from scratch, but you may use the resources that are found in the resource section.
and as @fredstash said, if you want to make something prior to bgmc you need to make it opensource and post it into the resource section so anyone can use it.

@Cotaks Understood. Thx.

100% agree, imagine making the most awkward and hideous game ever :nerd_face: collecting the “wtf”. A shooter in a BGMC context will be lowpoly in any cases. No surprises

Also do not forget, anything you make for BGMC is opensource, meaning all blends,textures,assets etc are shareable to anyone, to learn from.

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I guess that would be ‘ok’ for a BGE game as long as we aren’t teaching beginners to show this at a job interview . . .

That doesn’t have to be, a character with like 1 mill poly would be a bad game as well :stuck_out_tongue:

some people don’t need 1M poly models to drop the fps to 10-20 :partying_face:

haha true ^^

apparently my game3 qualifies, but that might be more self sabotage then help :thinking:


Hm. Why would you say that (:thinking: vs :thinking:)

Looks like shooter is going to win. I was thinking about what to do, and built a template for the kind of game I have in mind. It’s on the resources section.

For me September 28 is 3 days from now.

You guys ready :grin: (?)

So we’re finally making shooters? Good. This is what I’ve been waiting for.

Hope to have this thing sorted out in time, someone is bound to find it useful.
You can’t spell “blast them in the face” without ragdoll physics now, can you? Hell no.


The voting ends today! If you haven’t voted yet, that’s the time! :wink: