[BGMC 32] Echoes in Space

Hello everyone! I’m excited for my game to come to life.

Well tough luck, your not getting anything (That would defeat the purpose of wordless :wink: )

Well I can kind of describe the beginning, you are looking out of your spaceship beckoning others to hurry, and you get smacked in the face by debris and then wake up with all the people in life-support, and you are alone on the ship except for the equipment.

Main Character (nameless)
3 people in life-support containers
more as you progress

Good luck everyone! I’ll update as I keep moving forward.

Thanks for reading,


Here is a quick video of the beginning spaceship


Looking good, Im digging that concept plot. Got a bit of a First Man (the film) vibe with the rocking ship. Good luck!

I’ve never seen that film :slight_smile: I hope it was good. My only concern is that it is too much movement and might distract the player (I have changed the camera animation 3-4 times, and that is the one I have liked best so far)

Nice progress keep it up, what is up with the camera shake? if it’s intended you should tone it down a bit, it’s a bit to shaky.

Keep on going.

The camera is intended to be shaking, it is part of the space ship, I will tone it down a bit. Hopefully the things I add today will make it a bit more clear what is happening.

I did quite a bit this morning, but I’m too busy to give a full update… here are some pictures though :slight_smile:


Not too much of an update, just added more interactivity in the ship (though I didn’t press all the buttons, that would take all the fun out of it). I have been working on the logic for the shadow beings to be included in the memories, That is probably going to be what I implement next.

edit: How is the camera shake looking now?

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So I decided to work on the first cutscene (instead of the shadows), it is coming along nicely, I just need to add some more details:

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The first cutscene is done:

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The game is finished here is the link to the finished project :slight_smile: