[BGMC 32] Echoes in Space

Here is my game, I hope everyone enjoys it. It was definitely a lot of fun to make. This game was made in Blender 2.79(b I think).

here is the .blend (about 50 mgb):

Let me know if everything works well with the download and the game.

Good luck to everyone!



I just felt terrible there was no sound, so I finished my music and added it. So I updated the link with better sound.

The game was simple and easy to play. I liked the theming of the first room. The first-person section surprised me a little at how many times it took me to get through. Story, I guess I shouldn’t say much, :wink:, but the ending did catch me off guard.

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Thank you for playing, I sure hope the story came through well enough :slight_smile:
I’m glad it was easy to play, that was my hope that people could just focus on the story.

Love all the camera work and the concept. You managed to put quite a lot of story in there. The fps section felt a bit too long.

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