[BGMC 32] - nws

Progress for BGMC 32. Not set on a name but NWS stands for New World Seeker,
So far I’ve set up part of a world for the intro/cut scene of my game. I’ve storyboarded parts of the game but need to work on fitting the story in with the mechanics.

The “vehicle” in the pictures below is meant to look like a gameboy/bulky calculator

Looking nice, I like the atmosphere. Good luck!


Yes, very good visual choices!

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Today’s progress includes movement and the base for the first level. The movement is all logic bricks, parenting and rotations with some torque.

It might be difficult to see in the video but the planet has an atmosphere made by a fresnel, and a gradient texture on a separate plane that rotates along with the player.


Didn’t put in much work on day four but got some animations and materials in today.
I hid what populates the planet to only display/focus on the movement and animation.

Edit: Choppiness in this and previous videos is due to OBS settings but in-game frame rate will depend on PC specs. In the video the game is being run on an RX 570, but the settings aren’t set too high, and I will add an option to change quality between performance and graphics.


Here’s a link to my BGMC 32 submission. It was made with the June 28, 2020 version of UPBGE 0.3. Hit a few bumps along the way but was overall a good learning experience. There’s really only one level and a few cut scenes so its pretty short.

The link contains a blend and a zipped build for the game. I did not fit in in the quality settings but graphics aren’t set too high. The build may take some time to start, and some controls might break if the graphics are too high for the pc being played on, so in that case I’d recommend using the blend and lowering the settings.


-Move with arrow keys
-Boost forward with shift and up arrow
-Press F to collect when nearing moving object


Pre-made assets used (aside from audio) are node groups I’ve posted in the past


Good job! The canister is a bit too fast for my taste. The design of the car and the atmosphere on the planet are awesome! :slight_smile:

Thank you. It’s fast so that it’s not immediately predicable where it’s going, but it would’ve been
better if it slowed down when not too close.

The game is quite pretty! I would have liked it if the canister changed course occasionally to make it a little more difficult. Good work!