Bgmc 32

Hey hey no worries guys :slight_smile: I’m hoping to get more people interested in the upbge again and this could be a nice way of doing so.
There’s been a lot of improvements made by @lordloki_reloaded @BluePrintRandom and whoever else has been constantly working on this engine for the past years.

I think that’s something we should celebrate and this jam could be a great way to bring the community together and just have fun with the blender game engine (or now UPBGE).

I still think the blender game engine is a great engine to learn in with its direct blender implementation. Especially in combination with EEVEE it could turn into something quite special.

Also; @BluePrintRandom we should probably discuss at some point how we’re gonna run this thing :smiley:


I was planning to run in BGE 2.79b (my computer likes it better, and I know it better) are we still keeping it open to any version of blender?

of course you can use 2.79.6 !!

  • but have you tried upbge 0.2.5 release?

has lots of bug fixes mostly


I did not do any work on the engine itself - so much as test/report bugs while youle fixed everything, and before loki returned I was generating builds when people needed it :smiley:

I am terrible at C

I ran UBGGE 2.5b on my laptop and it causes it to heat up a ton even with basic scenes, so I will probably stick to 2.79b (maybe someday I will try UPBGE again, but not without practice before the competition :slight_smile: )

My suggestions for this BGMC:

  • Style: STEALTH

Cool! I haven’t made a game in ages.

Theme Suggeestion: Rescue


Hey maybe in the future, we could host the BGMCs on or somewhere, since they have a nice system in place for game jams

Also, might get some interest from people


Yeah, Game Jolt is also a nice place for jams.

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Great news, so good to hear about a new BGMC!

I suggest we create a Discord server and an official BGMC youtube channel or twitter account. That would surely help to promote it and make it stronger. That would also help us to centralize information and keep past submissions/history.

As for the jam platform, I’d vote for,

Theme suggestion: Edward Hopper.

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Well, the Discord server already exists.

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Wow, I didn’t know it existed lol (I’m in basically all the other servers but didn’t realize it existed)

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Neither did I, otherwise I would have highlighted it in the last BGMC (which I hosted). It can be pretty handy in the upcoming BGMC, at least.

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It’s been a really long time since I’ve done any game dev stuff… but I think it might be fun to get back into it for a week!

I agree that is a great place to host jams through. I don’t know how inconvenient it would be to host a BGMC on multiple platforms though.

Theme suggestion: Visual Mechanics (visual effects are game mechanics and vice versa)


Awesome! Thx

Yeah i think that’d be cool. Maybe we can do that with this jam already. Jams on itch are pretty simple to set up as far as i know.

Also, new theme idea: happiness

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Do we have a date decided for the competition yet?

I believe we start the monday after next @CG_Sky ?

if this is the case - we will start the poll next monday for theme VS gameplay mechanic


Any chance we can start next Monday?

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