BGMC 33 - Begining

BGMC 33 is beginning and the chosen theme is Retro using any mechanics you want!


You have one week to complete your game.
Use only assets available to everyone or ones that you make during the week.

To show progress on your game you can start a WIP thread.
When you turn in your game, start another thread in the “Finished Games” section.
Just make sure to begin the threads name with [BGMC33] so others can find it.



Good luck all.
Have fun

Wow that was quicker than they usually start. I am excited to get working on it!

Good luck everyone!

ah ive been away. I’ll see what i can do in a day tomorrow

totally forgot about this. hopefully i can come up with something

The competition ends tonight! Please get your entries in by midnight. (Or whatever time it is for your time zone. :slight_smile: )