BGMC 33 End + Winner vote

Hi there!
After a week and a day of time, the Jam has ended and submissions are closed.
Here are all submissions:

Here is a game bundle to download all submissions at once.

Aaand the vote!
(The poll will be closed on the 9th of October. I don’t trust the automatic poll closer anymore…)

BGMC 33 Winner
  • boggle - Tarmac Time Attack
  • fredstash - GalacticConspiracy
  • Hibyehello - King Karting
  • SmilingSquirrel - Hazard Bot

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The winning prize is the honor of hosting the next BGMC!

If you feel like it, you can discuss why you choose/didn’t choose the game you did as your favorite here as well.

Where are those 18 people who voted for the theme? this is a very small voter pool, which is kind of sad with how many people were involved in the beginning.

Wow, congrats on all those who completed something. I can’t wait to check out your games.
Will vote today!

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Just finished playing each game and voted.
Congrats all. Great effort for a weeks worth of work.
One quick and dumb question if I may… how do you get that super low rez pixelated treatment?

I have a link to the pixel shader in my thread, but here it is again

it is a simple set up, I just copied and pasted the text and then connected an always to the 2d filter (set up with a custom filter)