BGMC 33 Galatic Conspiracy

My game is working well, but the respawn still has a bug that causes the game to crash occasionally (actually fairly often)- so try not to die too much.
The controls:
WASD- move
Space- Shoot/interact/open doors/get oxygen tank

edit: forgot to mention that the game is in 2.79b

Good luck everyone, I hope you enjoy my game



credit to:

Here is where I got the pixel shader from
SL_RU made it
Pixelate shader, filter2D [BGE]

edit again:
The crashing is driving me crazy, I can’t find what is causing it, so good luck, and don’t die


Nice job! Completed the game!

Vehicle models are great, you got a lot done in a week.

Thanks, I had a lot of fun! did you have any problems with the game crashing?

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The first time I played I didn’t grab an oxygen tank maybe because the first alien didn’t trigger for some reason? (I think) so I restarted. The second time everything seemed just fine! No crashes!

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The oxygen tank is next to the guy you talk to- I was concerned that it would not be noticeable enough. I am glad there were no crashes- did you die many times? (the respawn system was causing the crashes)

Think I died about three times, the respawn system was helpful.

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I played it through, and it’s a nice little shooter. I didn’t have any crashes, and I respawned maybe… 4 times? The only trouble I had, was I thought the trashcan was the oxygen tank :laughing:. I really liked how I could shoot in a direction different than I was moving, strafing saved my bacon a couple times.

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Those O2 tanks were so early in development, and my first thought was everyone is going to get confused… but that’s okay, so Retro games are very confusing :slight_smile:

The strafing turned from a bug into a feature :wink: