BGMC 34 Official start page

Sorry I am a day late, this weekend was killer.

The Theme: You are not the only hero, and you can’t save them all.
No specific mechanic.

You have a week to finish your game.

Please label your game like this [BGMC 34] The Name of Your game
You don’t have to post a WIP (though from prior experience, that helps market your game a little bit, and people can know what to expect from you)
You don’t have to post in the finished game area so that I can find all of the games when this is all done, but when you do post it I would recommend posting a .blend and saying what version of blender you are using, otherwise some people will be unable to play your game.

If you have any questions about rules or anything feel free to ask. Good luck to everyone on your games I am excited to see them!



There has not been much activity on the forum for this competition. How well has it been going for everyone?


Hey Fredstash, I’ve been working on my game, maybe I will post something in the forums later tonight.

What date and time do we need to finish by?


I’m glad to hear! I look forward to seeing your game so far! Just have you game done by the evening of Sunday February 7th, then I will start putting together the game pack and voting stuff. (I am not too strict on the end time, I will be putting together everything on Monday when I have time, and I am rather busy, so just have it done by that point)

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Hey everyone! just a friendly reminder I’m probably going to start working on the game pack and setting up the voting in about 24 hours from now (9:00 mountain standard time). So make sure your game is polished up, and posted before that time in the Finished Games section of this forum so I can find it.



I posted the game pack